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The Importance of Bilingualism Tour



Montreal, QC, Tuesday, May 2, 2017-  Adapt2me brand ambassador, former NHL player, vegan, and philanthropist Georges Laraque is selecting 10 high schools across Canada to visit between May and June 30th to speak about the importance of learning both of Canada’s official languages. He wants students and teachers to decide the schools he will visit. To be selected as 1 of the 10 schools contact Adapt2me to secure a date.

Georges will speak about his personal experience of learning English as a Francophone and the success he experienced from being a bilingual hockey player in the NHL. His motivational talk will also focus on overcoming adversity, setting and achieving goals.

This tour is to coincide with Canada’s 150th celebration. Georges wants to speak to young people in Canada to take advantage of the opportunity to learn both English and French while living in a bilingual country. He understands having the ability to effectively communicate in both English and French is an asset that he wants our youth to have. Our youth have multiple digital apps available to them in enhancing their social lives and learning experience.

Georges Laraque believes in investing in education technology by providing our young people with digital learning tool to better personalised their learning experience and achieve better results. Through Adapt2me schools can use an innovative, interactive web-based platform and mobile app in delivering English As A Second Language and French As A Second Language training with individualised tutoring. The mobile app allows students to continue their learning outside of the classroom.

Invite Georges Laraque to your school, as we celebrate Canadian bilingualism and Canada’s 150th. He is excited to meet the future generation of leaders, investors and creators!

Contact us now as spaces are filling up quickly. For further information check out website:


Adapt2me is a Montreal-based startup that provides an online language learning platform and mobile app that creates a personalised learning path based on your unique strengths and weaknesses. Our mission is to help people maximise their potential by customising their learning process through an interactive platform and personalised tutoring sessions.



Aminka Belvitt, Adapt2me


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