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(English) Culture Shock

readme By Zeinab Dehayni

What is culture shock??

As many of us know, Canada is a multicultural country. It is filled with many people coming from all over the world who want to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Culture shock is an experience that a person has when moving to a new country where everything is different from what he or she is used to. People tend to feel disoriented or lost. It takes them a certain amount of time to be able to adjust and adapt to their new world. While adjusting they face issues concerning barriers to language, the usage of technology, professional skills, education.…some tend to feel homesick and do leave. While others feel it but stick it out and proceed to live life in their new country. 

A friend of mine moved to Canada when she was 3 years old and does not imagine ever living somewhere else. While her husband, when he first came to Canada says that he liked it a lot. He was shocked by the abundance of electricity, water, work and education. It was a pleasant surprise to him in the way the government of Canada provides for its residents and citizens and the level of its  multiculturalism.

 In particular, he was surprised by the vibrant culture that is Montreal and its people. The city boasts hundreds of cultures, religions, ethnicities all living in peace. Since moving he has fallen in love with Montreal and Canada and cannot imagine living anywhere else. 

This experience is not as positive for all and some actually experience the reverse. This is explained through the path of someone who migrates to a foreign place to only return to its origins after being away from some time. In the professional world, this experience is described, “the life of an expat”, although, this is usually driven by temporarily to semi-permanent  work opportunities. I, myself, have experienced this.

buy it As a child, I went to live outside Canada. When I return, I felt there were a change and difference in how my city was to me. But within a week, I adjusted to the new world and culture that was my home. I love my city. It is so full of life. It is alive during both the day and night with many attractions for visitors and residents who call Montreal home. 

While we cannot erase the sadness of experiencing culture shock in a new place, we can assist with adjusting to the official languages of Canada, English and French.

Start your new life in Canada right: Register for an account with Adapt2me to become fluent in Canada’s official languages.  See The Benefits of Being Bilingual for reasons to learn both of Canada’s official languages.

Adapt2me, a new approach to building language confidence.


01 August, 2016

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