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We are Looking for Social Media Ambassadors

Adapt2me is a tech start-up that provides a web and mobile language-learning platform that helps people learn English and French as a second language quickly and effectively. The platform uses proprietary adaptive technology that generates custom content for each student based on their language skills.

We offer a blended methodology of online self-learning with individual tutoring. We are looking for two Social Media Ambassadors to support our team, helping to expand and assist with the management our social media accounts on a daily basis.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts (creating relationships with potential users, responding to inquiries and identifying future opportunities for our company).
  • Creating visual and written content for use in various marketing media (videos, blogs, posters, etc.).
  • Proposing new marketing ideas and strategies for potential and existing campaigns.
  • Organisational and structural tasks that would allow us to increase the efficiency of our team and the quality of work.

Position Requirements:

  • A recent graduate in the field of Communication, Public Relations, Business and or Marketing, or current student registered full-time at an accredited college/university or with equivalent experience.
  • Candidate must be fluent in both written and spoken French & English
  • 3 months contract with potential for renewal
  • Part-Time (20-25/hrs)
  • Strong understanding of Google Analytics, Adwords and SEO
  • Demonstrate extensive social media & digital trends experience & knowledge
  • Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, iMovie and Canvas skills are considered an asset but not required.

The Ideal Team Member:

  • The ability to multi-task, manage time efficiently
  • Very strong communication skills
  • Strong Creative writing skills
  • Strong observational and analytical skills
  • A willingness to learn and try new techniques
  • Is highly Self-motivated

If this profile describes you perfectly then let’s meet us! Send us your CV and portfolio with confidence to [email protected]









No Comments | 05 May, 2017

The Importance of Bilingualism Tour



Montreal, QC, Tuesday, May 2, 2017-  Adapt2me brand ambassador, former NHL player, vegan, and philanthropist Georges Laraque is selecting 10 high schools across Canada to visit between May and June 30th to speak about the importance of learning both of Canada’s official languages. He wants students and teachers to decide the schools he will visit. To be selected as 1 of the 10 schools contact Adapt2me to secure a date.

Georges will speak about his personal experience of learning English as a Francophone and the success he experienced from being a bilingual hockey player in the NHL. His motivational talk will also focus on overcoming adversity, setting and achieving goals.

This tour is to coincide with Canada’s 150th celebration. Georges wants to speak to young people in Canada to take advantage of the opportunity to learn both English and French while living in a bilingual country. He understands having the ability to effectively communicate in both English and French is an asset that he wants our youth to have. Our youth have multiple digital apps available to them in enhancing their social lives and learning experience.

Georges Laraque believes in investing in education technology by providing our young people with digital learning tool to better personalised their learning experience and achieve better results. Through Adapt2me schools can use an innovative, interactive web-based platform and mobile app in delivering English As A Second Language and French As A Second Language training with individualised tutoring. The mobile app allows students to continue their learning outside of the classroom.

Invite Georges Laraque to your school, as we celebrate Canadian bilingualism and Canada’s 150th. He is excited to meet the future generation of leaders, investors and creators!

Contact us now as spaces are filling up quickly. For further information check out website:


Adapt2me is a Montreal-based startup that provides an online language learning platform and mobile app that creates a personalised learning path based on your unique strengths and weaknesses. Our mission is to help people maximise their potential by customising their learning process through an interactive platform and personalised tutoring sessions.



Aminka Belvitt, Adapt2me


[email protected]

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Adapt2me Cares Press Release

out site  

1407 rue Saint Alexandre | Montreal, QC | 514.989.1669 |




Montreal, QC, Wednesday, September 7, 2016– Join us Friday evening 6-8pm, September 9 as we launch our Adapt2me Cares initiative in partnership with ECHO Refugee Library to provide free online language training for asylum seekers in a refugee camp located in Vasilika, Greece. The event will also include a photo exhibit titled “We Are Them” and take place at the Language Research and Development Group Inc. Office, where the Adapt2me office is located.

Adapt2me Cares, is an initiative to provide FREE access to online ESL & FSL language training to all refugees. As a company, we are supporting language training for refugees with a 6-month subscription to our online content and 18 hours of tutoring.

The Echo Refugee Library project exists to give the residents of the Vasilika refugee camps the opportunity to pursue their education and career aspirations. Echo Refugee Library provides a mobile library to service refugee camps throughout northern Greece. The mobile library consists of a reading and recreational space, access to online courses and learning tools. The library also provides support in research and applying to scholarship opportunities. With the partnership of Adapt2me Cares the library will continue to offer online ESL and FSL language training in preparation for official certifications such as TOEFL/IELTS, university entry language exams and resettlement procedures.

This partnership is made possible through the humanitarian efforts of Celine de Richoufftz and Gabrielle Kacha, both students at McGill University studying International Development. Celine and Gabrielle will share their experience of working in the Vasilika camp during this past summer. This partnership also demonstrates the tactical social impact technology plays in the role of solving global issues by providing solutions in a time of crisis.

There will be a silent auction for the pieces in the photo exhibit. All proceeds will be given to ECHO Refugee Library to continue its services to asylum seekers. Those wanting to make a donation can do so at: Entry to the event is free.


Adapt2me is Montreal based startup that provides an online language learning platform and mobile app that creates a personalised learning path based on your unique strengths and weaknesses. Our mission is to help people maximize their potential by customizing their learning process through an interactive platform and personalised tutoring sessions.



Aminka Belvitt, Adapt2me


[email protected]

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A New Life in Canada

out site

Montreal, QC

The Government of Canada is welcoming over 55,000 refugees to the country this year. After all of the hardship faced by these newcomers, one of the most difficult aspects of adjusting will be learning to speak a new language.

As a provider of innovative language instruction, we want to do what we can to ease this adjustment to Canadian life. We created Adapt2me Cares to ensure all those who need language training would not face any barriers to access quick, adequate and free solutions.

We are working with community organizations and NGOs to deliver language instruction to newcomers to Canada. Our Adapt2me Cares plan offers newcomers 6 months of free access to our learning platform and 18 hours of individual tutoring.

Below is Ajwad’s story of moving to Canada, using Adapt2me to improve his English and starting a new job through the assistance of Adapt2me! We want to help more new Canadians like Ajwad. If you know of a recent immigrant who is in need of language solutions, right now, direct them to our online platform and iOS mobile app.

Adapt2me, a new approach to building confidence!



No Comments | 28 June, 2016

Because we care … 15 minutes free tutoring with a language expert

When we decided to create adapt2me achat cialis we had two main concerns in mind: the first was to create a platform that adapts to the personal needs of each student, and second to support our students individually and addressing their concerns to make sure that they are on the right track.

Unlike other platforms or software that might feel too robotic, our state of the art technology combined with live tutoring sessions creates a unique learning experience.

Creates a support system

Our tutoring sessions allow students with their tutors to practice either English or French. Students can clarify foggy concepts with their tutors and receive real-life examples and applications of the concepts.  


Many behavioral studies have shown that there is increased motivation when studying in a group or with a tutor. The ability to discuss what was learned to another person seems to offer a stimulating reward that encourages most students seriously pursuing any studies.


The tutoring sessions are a great tool to correct common pronunciations problems that most foreign students encounter. The tutor will give the student important tools to avoid the traps of common mistakes.

Prepare for a test or a job

Our tutors will give recommendations for students who are preparing for specific language examinations. The tutors can also assist you by practicing job interviews questions in case you will be interviewed in either French or English

Additional tutoring sessions

If you enjoyed our free tutoring session that comes with our basic plan, you can purchase additional tutoring time by emailing us to:

[email protected]

No Comments | 17 March, 2016

Language Training for Syrian Refugees

The government of Canada plans the resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in the coming year, in response to the on-going conflict in Syria. As thousands of Syrians continue to arrive in communities across Canada, NGO’s, government offices and businesses are preparing for their arrival and resettlement process.

Canadians have been greeting them with warm clothing, housing, food, personal and household items. Eventually, they will transition from newly arrivals to settled residents. They will require more than the basic necessities of life, such as jobs, cultural integration and language training. Actually, language training is most likely the first need they will require after food, shelter and clothing.

The only way for our new Syrian residents to have successful and fulfilling lives, here in Canada, is through proper language training. Not all, but the majority of them will need to learn or improve their English and those in Quebec will need to learn or improve French.

Surely, the government has FREE language training programs designed specifically for newcomers Canada. However, with the overwhelming number of newly arriving residents many government-sponsored language schools are full with hundreds on the waiting lists.

This is not a good situation for either the government or the new resident. Many of our new residents have professional degrees and have the desire to start working again, soon. In order to fast track their professional careers in Canada, they will need the ability to speak the language, communicate effectively and with confidence.

In addition to limited spaces,  language schools are not suitable for everyone. Many of our new residents have young families and will be spending a lot of time with their families and opting out of daycare (with one parent staying at home). A language school does not provide the right environment for individuals in this situation.


As other companies are doing their part to welcome Syrian refugees to make them feel warm and at home, Adapt2me is also ensuring that we provide a neighboring experience for our new residents. We understand the need for language training for newcomers to Canada. Therefore, we are offering FREE access to our online language learning platform to arriving Syrian refugees in Canada.

We are partnering with local and national organizations across Canada to identify potential students to use our platform. We are doing our part as Canadians and as a business. Just like everything in life- we cannot do it alone. So, we are asking our fellow Canadians to demonstrate how generous we are known to be by purchasing tutoring hours for a new Syrian resident of

So, we are asking our fellow Canadians to demonstrate how generous Canadians are known to be- by purchasing tutoring hours for a new Syrian resident of Canada. For every Adapt2me Cares tutor package purchase, Adapt2me will provide access to our online language learning platform FOR FREE, for 3 months!

Adapt2Me Cares Language Package Prices

$25   $60   $100   $150

Help our new residents properly resettle and build a new life in Canada. With your contribution of a language learning package, you will directly be impacting someone’s life by providing them with linguistic skills, to build a successful future in Canada.

We are nothing without our communication skills. Contribute today to invest in the future of Canada!

Contribute Now!


No Comments | 27 January, 2016

Graphic Designer Wanted

Graphic Designer

Adapt2me is a Montreal based company that provides online language learning solution for French and English. We want to provide people with a fun and engaging online language tool that will help them improve their language skills, boost their confidence and get better job opportunities.

We’re looking for a freelance graphic designer who is able to fulfill the following tasks: create graphics (mainly for web, but occasionally for print), create any web-specific materials needed, improve the overall user experience of our product. Our ideal candidate is someone who is creative and likes to think outside the box, who works well in a team environment and autonomously, and who is motivated to help us to build a product that can change people’s lives.

If you are excited by the opportunity, we want to hear from you and see your portfolio!

What we need from you:

  • 2+ years of experience
  • College or Bachelor’s degree in Web design/Graphic Design or in a field related to the job
  • Experience with Responsive/Mobile Friendly designs
  • Website Wireframing
  • Agile and quick in Photoshop and Illustrator and solid Adobe Suite knowledge
  • Good knowledge of web design and HTML5, CSS an asset
  • Perfect mastery of User Experience Design
  • Experience with e-commerce considered a huge assetà
  • Balance of creativity, organization, efficiency and project multi-tasking

What we offer:

  • An excellent working atmosphere
  • Competitive salary
  • Premium downtown location

We thank all the applicants, but only the selected candidates will be contacted.

NOTE: Applicants must provide a link to an online portfolio of at least ten pieces of design work with application.

Please send you c.v. along with your work to [email protected]

No Comments | 26 November, 2015

An Exciting Day at La Grand Messe

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to showcase the Adapt2Me platform at La Grande Messe with other Montreal start-ups.


grand messe2.

The energy in the building was electrifying! The event included start-ups from multiple industries including design & fashion, tech, health & fitness and food. It was the largest event of its kind in Montreal.


grand messe


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. We enjoyed talking to other entrepreneurs and visitors about the Adapt2Me platform.


No Comments | 21 October, 2015