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A Few Tips to Enrich Your Vocabulary

So you’ve decided to learn a new language,  you need to know that building a rich vocabulary is an essential part of your learning process.

A strong vocabulary allows you to enrich both your expressive and understanding capacities and makes your speech fluidity smoother. It takes time, work and a solid effort  to build a solid vocabulary. In learning a new language, especially English comes with retaining synonyms, homonyms and acronyms. You will need continuous practice. Follow these techniques to help you expand your vocabulary:

Never stop reading

So you probably heard this before at high school or university, read, read and read. We’re not advising you to read something that is boring, any type of reading that stimulates you such as internet articles, blogs, comics, and scientific journals can be beneficial and will contribute to building a great vocabulary.

Learn one new word a day

So you might be saying that I really have the capacity to learn more than one word a day, and we are sure that you do. With learning one word a day you can focus on learning the full dimension of the word by creatively finding  different uses for the word for various scenarios and situations. In addition, you can apply it to your personal conversations and create visual displays of the word. These techniques will modulate your long-term memory and will add some depth to your learning process.

Talk, talk, and talk, even if you talk nonsense

Practicing with relatives, friends or with an Adapt2me online tutor is a great way to improve your pronunciation, language skills, receive constructive feedback and know how to use the same words in different contexts.

Read subtitles

A great way to train your reading skills and endorse your vocabulary is by selecting the subtitles’ option whenever you are watching tv or a movie. This will force you to understand your new language in meaningful ways, help you learn new words and also improve your comprehension skills.

Decoding literature

Take a book from Shakespeare, Hemingway or any other classical authors, choose one paragraph and try navigate through all the words you don’t understand. Afterwards, try to translate the paragraph into your native language.

And remember, we’re always here to help you overcome any learning struggle, so if you have any question please send us an email to: [email protected]

25 March, 2016

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