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Meet Cami, your language tutor!

Have you ever wondered why Cami, our brand ambassador is a chameleon?

Well here is his back story and the role he plays on the Adapt2me team.

Cami is the geekiest (in the coolest way possible) chameleon on the planet. He is also known as a  French and English language expert. But why did we pick a chameleon to be our brand ambassador? It could have been an another animal, perhaps a panda or a giraffe or even a Koala?

Final Blue Chameleon with suit

Chameleons are known to be the coolest reptiles ever. They can look in both directions (Yeah impressive), change from brown to green as quickly as they need to, and some are known to change to any colour and blend in with their surroundings.

For ages, the scientific community had thought that camouflaging is both important for hiding from predators and hunting, however, new studies have shown that chameleons also change colour in response to colour, light and temperature that makes them feel more comfortable.

Adapt2me, is exactly like Cami, it adapts to your language learning needs in order to keep you engaged while you’re learning. Whether you are a beginner in French or English or an advanced learner, our assessment test uses our own algorithms to develop for you a personalized learning path.

As you are advancing, our platform automatically determines your language level and adapts the content, to best suit your learning experience by tackling your weakest areas. Our adaptive language learning technology  has proven to be the most effective language tool, as it saves time and accelerates the learning process. It is also fun, as our platform offers different content for each level so that you’re not bored repeating the same exercises level after level.

Ok, now that you know Cami’s back story allow him to be your language coach to learning a new language. Sign-up for an account at and start learning English or French.

Don’t forget to follow Cami and his adventures around the world on our Facebook page:

19 February, 2016

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