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New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

The new year is here. It’s been 2016 for a few days now. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?!

After the new year, many people reflect on highlights of their previous year. Generally, these are joyous moments of pride, happiness, and accomplishments. Some also reflect on the bad choices they made, missed opportunities and wasted time.

Regardless of what your Facebook “year in review” story looks like- it’s time to look to 2016. Now is the time to set plans for the new year. These plans tend to come in the form of goals, objectives and ultimately “resolutions”. The reasoning behind setting goals and resolutions for the new year is to accomplish what you did not achieve in the previous year and overall to grow as a person. Everyone wants to be better, richer, happier, and healthier. These goals and resolutions are how people plan to progress in the coming year.

As many articles will state- the majority of us do not stick with our resolutions. It seems there is more hype into setting goals and resolutions rather than providing a foundation and structure to foster these “goals” and resolutions. Perhaps, having the commitment and motivation to accomplish resolutions, and goals before setting them should be as important. This could be considered as goal and resolutions insurance.

Regardless of the goals and resolutions, you set for yourself, the objective of setting goals is a good thing. Planning for your year, your future and pushing yourself to be better is something we all need to do. If you plan on setting goals and resolutions this year, why not work on a new language. Since, “trying something new” is always on a someone’s resolution list. So make learning a new language, your “something new”.With Adapt2me, we can facilitate this goal of learning a new language.

Learn French or improve your English with Adapt2Me. Our adaptive technology will personalize a learning path -just for you! Our tutors will motivate you through the learning process and practice your pronunciation and oral skills with you.

Don’t put it off. Do it today! Register for an account on our web-based language learning platform for only $5.99/ month! Just because we want you to check off “trying something new” or “learn a foreign language” on your list of resolutions we’ll throw in a free 15-minute tutor session!

Demo to redeem free tutor session

One more thing – our mobile app is available for iOS on the Apple store. The app will allow you to continue learning on the go. That’s what’s great about Adapt2me, we provide flexible, efficient and effective language training! Do yourself a favor and create an account and start learning! Like any goal, you need to stick with it. It might be challenging at times but we are here to assist you! Just think of how cool you’ll be when you visit Montreal, Quebec, Belgium or even Paris and you can converse with the people there….and they say French is a very sexy language. There are so many benefits to learning French!

For those who want to improve their English being able to effectively communicate in your native language enhances your confidence and provides greater job opportunities for you. As for international students, Adapt2me can help you prepare for the TEFL exam and entrance into international universities.

Learning French and speaking English can only make your life better..isn’t that what goals and resolutions are about? Being a better person?

Let Adapt2me help you be a better person in 2016.

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