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Basic French Part 1

French can be very difficult to learn and even master. Don’t get discouraged, we are here to assist you in the learning process.

First, it is important to understand the basics. Use these simple phrase when meeting someone for the first time, while out at dinner or having a conversation with a friend. You can show off a few words and phrases that you now know, en Francais.

Hello                                   Bonjour

Please                                 Oui, s’il vous plaît

No, thank you                    Non Merci

Good Bye                            Au revoir

Do you speak English?     Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?

I dont speak French          Je ne parle pas français.

What’s your name?          Comment vous appelezvous?

I don’t understand            Je ne comprends pas.

I don’t know                       Je ne sais pas.

Sorry                                   Désolé




02 December, 2015

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